The Internet, Hostility and the Implied Wrongness of Women

The Internet, Hostility and the Implied Wrongness of Women

Jef Rouner set the Internet world on fire with his article No, It’s Not Your Opinion. You’re Just Wrong.

In the article, Rouner explained that while having an opinion is great, it doesn’t shield you from criticism for believing something that’s wrong, or refusing to be informed about an issue before having an opinion on it.

Too often, as …

Does Sex Really Sell? Insights From A Professional Erotic Author

Does Sex Sell? Insights From A Professional Erotic Author

Thanks to 50 Shades of Grey, and all of its various imitators, the mainstream market is absolutely flooded with erotica. Licentious literature is nothing new, though, and it’s been booming for years out of the spotlight. However, there’s more to the success of being an erotic author than a simple “sex sells”.

How much more? A lot more according …

Study: Online Harassment Of Female Gamers Come From Guys Who Suck At Gaming

The Reason for Online Harassment of Female Gamers

Women experience more than their fair share of online harassment, and an even more disproportionate amount of severe harassment (including cyberstalking) according to the Pew Research Center. One of the biggest sources of online abuse directed toward women has come from the online gaming community.  While death threats and misogynistic rants coming from people like Gamer Gate …

Sex Stopped Selling Years Ago

Sex Stopped Selling Years Ago

The old adage that “Sex Sells” has been the entertainment moguls’ mantra for years now. It has justified barely-clad beauties on screen, billboards and TV commercials since the 1980’s. A recent study by the American Pyschological Association featuring nearly 9000 participants revealed that generally speaking, the average consumer is more put off by violence and/or sexual content …

3 American Sex Norms That Are Really Weird (According To Most of Europe)

Sex: 3 U.S. Norms That Are Really Weird (To Most of Europe)

Weird is all a matter of perspective, but if you take a bunch of puritans and leave them on a huge landmass, isolated from other cultures, you’re bound to get some odd results. While we tend to think of America as a progressive melting pot of values, where we take the very best everyone has …