3 Tips to a Positive Body Image and Great Sex

3 Tips to a Positive Body Image for Great Sex

Somewhere between Kim Kardashian’s bottom, Hugh Jackman’s abs and Scarlett Johansson’s breasts, lies the rest of us. The reality of our bodies and daily lives differs greatly from those of celebrities, yet the imagery we witness online, on magazine covers and in movies bombards us with impossible standards of physical “perfection.”

The fact is, most of us don’t have the time or the money for plastic surgery or personal trainers, and not all of us are blessed with Hollywood grade DNA. These airbrushed images streaming like water into our absorbent minds challenge us to maintain a positive body image in the bedroom. Before you decide to turn off all the lights, consider some of the following strategies.

3 Tips For Keeping a Positive Body Image in the Bedroom

1. Go shopping for your midnight moments and afternoon adventures. Both style and size are crucial elements to keep in mind when shopping for romantic wear. Spend the time and money finding the right fit for you. Clear your mind of what’s “trending” in the undergarment fashion market. Find styles that suit both your personal taste and body type.

A super model’s fabulous g-string or David Beckham’s boxer briefs might look hot, but these are not official uniforms for sexy. You may find that a retro pin-up look works best for you. Funny underwear (for both guys and girls) can surprisingly be a turn on. Instead of focusing on the body, you’re initiating laughter and relaxation which are essential for feeling good about yourself.

2. Check in with yourself before getting too caught up in the moment. This applies to both your physical and mental states. For example, if you’ve been feeling bloated all day, this can affect your body image. Many times how we feel physically translates into how we perceive our appearances. How many times have you confused feeling bloated with being fat?

Your emotional state directly dictates your body image. If you have been down, stressed out or frustrated, you are more vulnerable to poor body image. Respecting the messages both our body and emotions send us could save you from personal sabotage.

3. Pick a body image role model. The media-imposed standards of physical attractiveness are not standards we necessarily choose to abide. Take control of the body images entering your mind. Pick your own model of “sexy-ness,” preferably someone who reflects your own body type.

For example, the recent resurgence of Marilyn Monroe in pop culture might inspire you, due to her more natural and nourished appearance. If you relate more to someone like Marilyn Monroe, invest in a Marilyn coffee table book that you can place next to your Women’s or Men’s Health magazines.

Above all, it’s important to consistently remind yourself that your body is not what makes you sexy; your confidence does. Maintaining good sexual health corresponds with good mental health. Sultry Dish sincerely helps to ensure this positivity and confidence bloom in the bedroom with its fun and natural approach to sexual health.

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