Give Us Romance and We’ll Give You Sex

Give Us Romance and We'll Give You Sex

There is a saying that women give sex to get love and men give love to get sex. Whether that is true or not, men have a better chance of getting their woman in bed if they can turn up the romance. ‘Quickies’ are fun, but not when it’s the norm. We love being romanced. Feeling special gets us in the mood.

A big thing isn’t necessary. A simple text in the middle of a busy day just to say ‘I love you’ is a nice touch that makes a woman feel cared for. A back massage that does not end in sex (or maybe it does) is something that she’ll love.

Sending or bringing flowers is not old-fashioned. Think what a thrill you’ll give her if you send flowers to her office. All her women co-workers will gush and say “I wish my husband/boyfriend would do something like that!”

If you are a married man, there is nothing more romantic than to surprise your wife by making dinner or helping with clean-up or giving the kids a bath so she can relax. Who wouldn’t want to reward THAT?

Women like some cuddle and talking time. That is a nice time to wrap her in your arms and make her feel loved and protected. As independent as today’s women are, most still like the feeling of being protected by their knight in shining armor.

Whether it is showing up at her door with a single rose, a small wrapped gift, or a rented limo, make sure she knows how special she is. You will definitely increase your chances of enjoying some steamy sex. Good luck!

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