Erectile Dysfunction – A Woman’s Point of View

Erectile Dysfunction - A Woman's Point Of View

It’s hard to get down if you can’t get it up. Erectile Dysfunction is such a depressing title for a condition, yet almost all men who experience ED also wind up feeling a certain degree of depression as a direct result. There are also men suffering from ED where the cause is depression. Either way, the condition has many potential causes and the fact remains, it’s emotionally taxing on the men it affects.

A man’s penis is his pride, and if it’s not working properly for whatever reason, he may have fears that his partner will become angry, disinterested, or worse yet, stray from the relationship. As a middle-aged, divorced woman who’s bore witness to this unfortunate event a time or two, I’m here to tell all of you men out there that if you’re experiencing Erectile Dysfunction, the last thing you should worry about is your partner.

It’s fairly natural to care about how we feel, but I’m telling you from personal experience, your sexual health and well-being when this situation pops up (no pun intended…okay, yeah, it was intentional) is of utmost importance to us, and it should be to you, too. In all seriousness however, we, as your partners, aren’t pissed or put off by not being able to have sex; rather, we share your concern and want to help you get to the bottom of why the episode ensued in the first place.

Underlying reasons are sometimes more embarrassing than the condition itself and perhaps you simply don’t want our help or even our support. Maybe you’re still hung up on an ex and that lovin’ feeling for your current partner just isn’t there. Maybe you’re simply not as sexually attracted to your partner as you thought you were. Neither one of those scenarios are easy discussions to have with someone, but understand that your partner deserves the courtesy of being informed that they’re not doing it for you for one reason or another so they can move on to a healthier relationship.

Occasionally, medical issues are the root cause for Erectile Dysfunction, and it’s difficult to figure out when it’s time to involve a doctor, especially since the topic is one of the last things any man wants to talk about–with anyone. One of the best ways to go about making the doctor decision is to first think about potential obvious signs. Could the reason be emotional or psychological? Be realistic with yourselves here, guys. Don’t just glaze over this question as if there’s no possible way you’re too inside your own head when you’re trying to get it on. They make pills to help with the physical aspect of this condition, but while your manhood is fully engorged, there is no pill to help you get over how your last partner used to lick your armpits while you were doing it and since your new partner won’t go anywhere near there, you’re in a funk that now affects your ability to climax. How many guys out there can say that they’ve faked it? If you wind up becoming an addition to this minute population, you should definitely consider the possibility that your problem is emotionally rooted.

For a moment, let’s consider pre-existing conditions. Do you have high blood pressure? Have you had heart problems? Are you over the hill by just a few years? If you’re over forty, have any pre-existing medical condition whatsoever and are suddenly experiencing ED without any reasonably obvious explanations, you need to get in to your doctor as soon as possible. Circulation problems are a leading cause for ED and often times they’re heart-related.

Whatever the reason ends up being for why you’re claiming deflate-gate in your recent bedroom game, just know that we’re with you, we’ll help if you let us, and we’re not going anywhere. I can’t speak for every single solitary partner out there, but I will add that if anyone leaves you while you’re trying to figure this frustrating condition out, they aren’t worth your hard scored sperm in the first place.

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