Yes, You Want a Sex Toy Delivery Service

Yes, You Want a Sex Toy Delivery Service

Have you ever seen a sex toy that you really wanted? I mean really, really wanted, like today? How about something to spice up that bachelorette party that you’re throwing in a couple if hours?

Well, the good news is that there is a service that will deliver your sex toy to your door, discretely. The bad news is that it’s in Toronto, and I don’t think they’ll deliver to the lower 48.

An entrepreneur in Canada has turned the concept of sex on delivery into a legitimate business. You could call it dildos on demand. is a brick and mortar sex toy shop. But like many business owners, company founder Roberto Piazza sees business growth opportunities through the Internet. He tells the Toronto Star that customers who place orders on his site can get sex toys delivered to their homes within an hour.

“I do believe one-hour delivery is coming hard and fast to Toronto, no pun intended,” Piazza tells the Star. “It’s so much fun when you can buy something and have it delivered in an hour because you can do everything else you want to do.”

Customers don’t pay through the company’s website. Instead, they pay at the door upon delivery. Those who are impatient can track their orders via a GPS link, which Piazza says could even heighten excitement by building anticipation.

Piazza has found enough market demand to support his delivery service. Orders come from men and women. Sometimes the reason for the order is a bachelor or bachelorette party. But couples also order sex toys for their own use in their bedrooms. Piazza says that men represent a growing, and mostly ignored, market segment.

For those whose appetites are more than sexual,’s offers a delivery bonus. Upon request, delivery drivers will bring a bag of fast food with a customer’s order, the Star reports. How about that? Sex and dinner on demand. For more news about the business of sex, contact us.

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