Dating and Divorce: Why Men Find a New Love Interest So Quickly

Dating and Divorce: Why Men Find a New Love Interest So Quickly

When it comes to dating and divorce, men often experience more challenges surviving on their own without a woman. If you separate or take a break from a relationship with a man, it’s probable your man has already started a backup relationship or moved on without your knowledge. According to an article by, men desire steady relationship and commitment just as much and sometimes more than women. Women are more likely to start the divorce process, but men often have back up relationships. If you think your man might have another woman “waiting in the wings,” it’s probably not your imagination.

Finding financial stability

Even though men traditionally earn more money than women, many men want a muse to give them a reason to excel in the work world. Also, men going through custody and divorce battles feel reluctant to support a former or failed relationship. With a new relationship, they often get the motivation they need as well as another financial partner. Part of what makes coping with dating and divorce so difficult for women is realizing your ex-husband or boyfriend has moved by dating another love interest.

Boosting mood with touch

Physical intimacy releases the feel-good chemicals and hormones for men as well as women. Experts say divorce negatively impacts a man’s mental and physical health. With a new dating interest, your former boyfriend or spouse gets sex and touch with healing effects.

Getting emotional support

In addition to financial support and sexual/physical release, another love interest provides emotional and domestic support for a man. A man who was in relationship with a spouse that didn’t provide income, rarely engaged in sex, didn’t help on the domestic scene by cleaning or keeping house often feel attracted to more sexual, submissive and domesticated women. Women with a more feminine energy often become the next relationship.

Divorced men are more likely to rebound with someone new, while divorced women don’t necessarily remarry. If you are hoping to get back together with a spouse after a separation or once he files divorce papers, realize your soon-to-be ex-spouse has likely already had sex with other woman and/or replaced you with a new love. Instead of trying to salvage the broken relationship, it is better to learn from past mistakes and move on with a new love interest. For more information about dating and coping with dating and divorce, contact us.

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