Getting a Brazilian Wax can Increase Your Chances of Getting STDs

Getting a Brazilian Wax can Increase Your Chances of Getting STDs

There was a time when having a full bush was perfectly normal, with the occasional trim for beachwear.  The advent of the Brazilian wax changed the dynamic of normalcy.  What was once a conscious erotic fashion statement is now a standard way of manicuring your kitty.

So, which one is better for you? Au natural or all bare? That’s what the guys at asapSCIENCE asked (and answered) when they created ‘Should You Shave Your Pubes?’, a video which informs us about the good and (mostly) bad of shaving and waxing your nether regions.

For starters, how popular are waxes and/or shaving off the majority of your pubic hair? According to the video, a startling 97 percent of college women and 86 percent college men shave their pubes.

The good news, you reduce your chances of getting pubic lice and… that’s about it.

The bad news?  Shaving and waxing can create micro tears in your skin.

Why is shaving and waxing bad?

Your skin is the main barrier between you and infectious fluids. Once this barrier is compromised, there is really nothing to prevent any kind of infection from entering your body. This includes sexually transmitted infections. Since these tears occur in an area where bodily fluids are typically exchanged, there’s a much higher chance of getting a STD even with protection.

Want some more bad news? Your chances of infection don’t stop there. The combination of naked groin, underwear and sweat create a perfect growing environment for bacteria. Micro tears, combined with no pubic protection can also increase the risks of bacterial infections, some of which are fatal.

Shaving and waxing can also irritate the skin, creating prospect of ingrown hairs, which can become infected.  At best, you can pick the hairs out with a pair of tweezers; at worst, you’re in the doctor’s office getting your pustule drained with a syringe.

Also, guess what’s the number one cause of genital injury? Don’t think too hard.

So, the next time you consider getting a Brazilian wax, French trim or Bermuda Triangle, remember; pubic hair is there for a reason.

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