4 Sex Myths That Need Go Away Permanently

4 Sex Myths That Need Go Away Permanently

There are many widely accepted “truths” about sex that are nothing of the sort. Most sex myths tend to focus on the physical aspects of sex, like “condoms reduce sexual pleasure”, or, “most women orgasm through penetration”.  The sex myths that are far more systemic and destructive are societal ones, and the faster they’re killed off, the better.

Sex Myths 1: Using Birth Control turns women into Wanton Whores.

4 Sex Myths That Need Go Away Permanently

The line of thought in some (many) circles is that birth control is linked to increased sexual behavior and increased STD rates. This is kind of like saying veganism has long been linked to awesome karate skills and increased rates of botulism. Just because you create a causal relationship doesn’t make it true.

A study by Washington University School of Medicine analyzed data from the Contraceptive CHOICE Project, a project that introduced free contraceptives to 9,256 women. Over the course of 12 months, the number of participants who reported having multiple sex partners actually decreased.

“The notion that women will have sex with more partners if you give them free birth control didn’t pan out in this study,” said Jeffrey Peipert, senior author of the study.

The study also revealed that there was no increased incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

“Increasing access to no-cost contraceptives doesn’t translate into riskier sexual behavior,” Peipert said. “It’s not the contraception that drives their sexual behavior.”

Oh yeah, other studies of women in the CHOICE project also showed that access to free contraception substantially reduces unintended pregnancies and abortions.

Sex Myth #2: Sex Education turns women into Wanton Whores.

4 Sex Myths That Need Go Away PermanentlyYes. This would be totally true if it wasn’t completely false. In fact, if you want to go full whore, I’d recommend abstinence only education, because it worked so well for the state of Mississippi.

In terms of Sex Ed, a study by the National Center for Health Statistics concluded that Sexual Education not only didn’t encourage sex, it delayed sex by 8% for young men and 11% for young women. You know what’s also cool? Those who participate in Sex Ed make wiser contraceptive choices and tend to date people their own age.

So, people who participate in sexual education become educated about sex. Go figure.

Sex Myth #3: Having Multiple Sex Partners makes women Wanton Whores.

4 Sex Myths That Need Go Away Permanently

There’s this ongoing perception that men are wired for sex and women are wired for monogamy. Up until the early 20th century, doctors believed that women weren’t physically capable of experiencing sexual pleasure.

Now that we know women are sexual creatures, we’re still saddled with the concept that women should somehow disengage themselves from “frivolous” sexually activity.  This line of thought is so entrenched, that women tend to under-report the number of sexual partners to maintain the appearance of sexual propriety.

Here is some of we know about emotionally healthy women with multiple sexual partners:

  1. Higher self-worth.
  2. Higher dating requirements and standards.
  3. Greater confidence.
  4. Fewer issues with body image.

As an added bonus, women with multiple partners reduce the replication rate of a male destroying chromosome. This chromosome would essentially eradicate all Y chromosomes resulting in all female births.

Sex Myth #4: There’s Something Wrong with Being a Wanton Whore.

4 Sex Myths That Need Go Away Permanently

Whore, trollop, slut, tramp, strumpet, harlot, floozy, tart, hussy – these are words that enforce social constructs which are used to control women’s sexuality. These constructs are nearly universal in patriarchal societies and nonexistent in matriarchal ones.  They’re built to shame and demean, which are very powerful tools for exerting and maintain control over “undesirable” behavior.

Women who are comfortable with their sexuality, and with sex, make many men very, very uncomfortable. It has nothing to do with sex. It has everything to do with the perception power and control, which is diminished when women feel and act as equals when interacting with their male counterparts.

So, yes.  The sooner that these societal myths are banished, the better; for women, and for society as a whole.

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