More Woman have Anal Sex Orgasms than you Think

More Woman have Anal Sex Orgasms than you Think

Color me surprised.  I remember the mantra my girlfriends recited to their boyfriends when the topic of anal sex came up:

“It’s an exit, not an entrance”.

I’ve heard about friends of friends of friends having orgasms from anal sex, but once you hear it fourth-hand, you really can’t be sure if the story was about anal sex in the first place.

Stories closer to home described the act as uncomfortable to downright painful.

Well, it seems that there’s more than a select few who orgasm during anal sex.  In fact, it’s more than most of us could have possibly imagined.

A new survey conducted by Cam4 asked over 8,000 women, globally, what methods of stimulation make them climax. The usual suspects included fingering, masturbation, oral sex and vaginal sex.  The one outlier (I thought) was anal sex.

Though orgasms via anal intrusions are far less than the methods mentioned above, the percentages are still strikingly high.

Let’s start with the first place finisher shall we.

1. United States –  42 percent

More Woman have Anal Sex Orgasms than you Think

Yes!  We may be in the middle of the pack as far as math, science, and women’s health is concerned, but we can proudly hang our collective hat on the fact that we are the best in the world where it really counts, anal sex orgasms.

American women also came in first for the percentage of orgasms through oral sex (76%) and second for masturbation (83%). Hey, we really like sex.

2. Tie – Canada and Italy – 38 percent

Italians and Canadians go together like Nanaimo bars and Semifreddos; both are wonderful, just completely different.  Now, with this survey, they’re wonderful and completely the same.  On a sadder note however, they also tied in the “problems reaching orgasm” category at 46%.  The second highest percentage of all the groups surveyed.

3. Another Tie – Spain and Britain – 34 percent

Basically the only category where these two groups are tied.  English women trail Spanish women in every other orgasmic inducing category.  I blame the weather.

4. Germany – 27 percent

Germans are a structured, analytical and efficient lot.  Specific things work in specific ways for a reason. This includes anuses. Why waste time, energy and resources re-engineering an orifice to perform a duty that’s already streamlined in another opening?

5. France – 24 percent

Bringing up the rear (ha!) are the French. French women orgasm the least through anal sex.  They also rank dead last in percentages of orgasms through oral sex (65%), masturbation (70%) and fingering (68%).  The only category where French women came in first was problems in reaching orgasm, at 49 percent.

Yeah, but seriously, how does the whole anal sex orgasm thing Work?

There seems to be a variety of factors that can contribute to having an anal orgasm. Physiologically, the anus is second only to the clitoris in the number and density of nerve endings. Also, the close proximity to the urethral sponge (the fabled G-Spot) could also be a contributor to orgasms via indirect stimulation.

Also, let’s remember that the brain is the body’s biggest sex organ (see Framing). The idea of doing something slightly out of the norm can be very exciting and sexually stimulating.  The mind can combine the act of anal sex with a number of wonderful sexual fantasies for great results.

Maybe it’s time to reconsider and add an extra element to excitement to my sex life.


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