Women: Study has Found the Secret to Multiple Orgasms

Women: Study has Found the Secret to Multiple Orgasms

If there’s a Valentine’s Day gift every woman deserves from their partners, its multiple orgasms.

Fortunately, there’s a site that’s researched nearly every pleasure-giving technique known to womanhood and created a tutorial that every woman, and their partner, should try.

Multiple Orgasms, Meet OMGYES

OMGYES interviewed 1,000 women over the country whose ages ranged from 18  to 95, then partnered with the world famous Kinsey Institute to survey an additional 1,000 women nationally on various techniques they used to climax.

Though techniques varied from woman to woman, the researchers separated them into twelve categories: Edging, Hinting, Consistency, Surprise, Rhythm, Accenting, Framing, Layering, Staging, Orbiting and, of course, Multiples, as in multiple orgasms.

The researchers at OMGYES found that 47% of its respondents were able to achieve multiple orgasms.  They not only discovered that there was a definite pattern to having multiple orgasms, they also ascertained the methods that women used to climax after the first orgasm.

Women: Study has Found the Secret to Multiple Orgasms

It all starts with the Recovery period. It’s the time immediately after the orgasm. At this point, direct stimulation can be uncomfortable to downright painful.  Take a complete break or lightly caress around the area post orgasm until the super sensitivity passes.

Then comes the Rebuild period.  You’re essentially starting fresh. Most women surveyed found that slower, gentler and slightly modified movements that worked for the first orgasm were successful in bringing them to the second climax.

OMGYES provides written and visual tutorials on what motions work for most women. They even provide a touch screen activated vagina to practice various motions and techniques (a good addition for the man in your life when you’re not around).

Needless to say it’s very NSFW, so you may want garner OMGYES’ many insights in a comfortable and private setting.

It costs $29.00 to access all of the site’s features, which is a bargain considering the sheer volume of valuable sex information provided. So, if you want to give a Valentine’s day gift that keeps on giving, you really can’t do much better than OMGYES.


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