Top 3 Fetish Friendly Cities in the World

Top 3 Fetish Friendly Cities in the World
It’s not hard to find a fetish scene in most cities of the world, but many are fraught with danger, overly seedy, or generally unappealing. This is especially true if your interests range beyond mainstream sexual attractions and fantasies.

Fetish Done Safely

Not everyone with a fetish interest wants to visit the darkest corners of a city’s red light district to pursue their passion, so here, in descending order, are our choice of the three most fetish-friendly cities in the world where the scene is totally open, safe, and able to satisfy every desire.

3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam - 3rd best fetish city

As the city boasts over 15,000 legal prostitutes, you’d expect a sexually vibrant and open scene, and you’d be right. Although much is vanilla (and touristic – it has Europe’s largest public red light area) there are plenty of deeper, more exotic corners to explore – and such is the size of the sex scene in this city, there’s no doubt that you’ll find something of interest to pass the time.

For an introduction Amsterdam’s fetish scene, try The Wasteland BDSM club (turn down your volume), one of the best in Europe, which caters for every fetish you could imagine in a totally open and accepting way. Calling itself the wildest party on earth, it is truly a playground where the fetish lifestyle is celebrated and indulged.

2. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo - 2nd best fetish city
Anyone who’s viewed even a small amount of online porn will know that Japan is perhaps one of the most openly and enthusiastically kinky societies in the world. Whatever floats your boat, you’ll find it in Japan, and this goes twice so for the uninhibited capital Tokyo. One of the reasons for this is that while prostitution is in itself illegal, this only goes for vaginally penetrative sex. Anything else is fair game, and this has meant that all sorts of fetish clubs, shops, and services have sprung up to explore every desire.

Tokyo visitors can enjoy the annual Fetish Ball, hosted by the Tokyo Kink Society, which features an array of evenings and events for fetish lovers, featuring artistic fetish-based shows and performances by famous stars, and clubs hosting dungeon rooms which can be as active or relaxed as you want.

The only reason we’re not giving Tokyo the ultimate accolade is that, although Tokyo society is extremely open about sex and kinks of every nature, they’re not so keen on letting outsiders into the party, and so foreign visitors can miss out on a lot of the fun. Even so, for fetishists prepared to put in the effort and make local contacts, Tokyo makes an excellent destination.

1.) Berlin, Germany

Berlin - best fetish city

Berlin is widely recognized as both the sex and fetish capital of the world. Prostitution was legalized in 2002, but – crucially – the restrictions placed on the whole sex industry were drastically reduced at the same time. This lead to the Berlin’s sex scene becoming extremely varied, daring, and accepting of any fetish, kink, or quirk.

Apart from hosting the annual German Fetish-Ball Weekend, where fetish fans from all over the world gather to socialize, parade, dance, and maybe more, there are also many clubs with a strong fetish flavor.

Chief among them is possibly the Gargoyle Club, which as well as having bars and dance floors with a strictly fetish dress code, also has public and private play areas festooned with whips, cages, slings, and everything else you could possibly think of.

And if you want a little more, there’s no shortage of sex shops, escorts, and other establishments catering to tastes of every kind. Berlin is truly a fetish paradise.

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