10 Ways Yoga Leads to Better Sex

Downward-facing dog pose. Bound angle pose. Legs-up-the-wall pose. Just the names alone have a sexual connotation. From the low lunge to the plow pose, there is plenty of mystic mingling when you contemplate yoga and sex. Not only are the poses and stretches deeply arousing, practicing them on a regular basis can actually lead to better sex.

Better Sex Through Yoga

Contemplate the following ten ways yoga leads to better sex and see if you’re not convinced it’s time to break out the yoga mat and start posing.

1. Increases Stamina

10 Ways Yoga Leads to Better Sex - Stamina
Yoga improves your physical stamina. Since sex requires plenty of stamina, those who practice yoga on a regular basis are better able to sustain the rigors of an active sex life.

2. Reduces Body Fat

10 Ways Yoga Leads to Better Sex - Body Fat
Yoga can help reduce your overall body fat. If you want to appear more attractive to potential sex partners, yoga can help tone your tummy and tighten your tush.

3. Increases Clarity

10 Ways Yoga Leads to Better Sex - Clarity

If you want improved mental clarity, you can’t beat yoga. Better mental focus means you can concentrate on your sex partner and enjoy every single moment of your romantic romps.

4. Improves Flexibility

10 Ways Yoga Leads to Better Sex - Flexibility
Yoga improves flexibility. Who doesn’t want to be more flexible when it comes to trying unique sex positions? Practicing your downward dog on a regular basis just might help you get down and dirty with your bed mate(s).

5. Tones Muscle

10 Ways Yoga Leads to Better Sex - Muscle Tone
Yoga helps to improve your overall muscle tone. Long, languid muscles and tightly toned body parts are oh so sexy. Each time you’re stretching during yoga class, just imagine all the bedroom benefits you’re reaching for.

6. Boosts Energy

10 Ways Yoga Leads to Better Sex - Energy Booster

If you want more energy, be sure to practice yoga every day. Not only will you be more limber, you’ll be more energized before, during, and after sex. Yippee, here’s to energetic sex!

7. Stymies Aging

10 Ways Yoga Leads to Better Sex - Anti-Aging

Yoga is known to slow the aging process. Younger looking often equals more attractive to potential bed mates. Keep practicing yoga and you just might be having sex well into your senior years.

8. Enhances Mood

10 Ways Yoga Leads to Better Sex - Mood Enhancer

Yoga can help boost your mood. No one likes having sex with a grump. Put a smile on your face thanks to yoga and you just might be sporting a satisfied smile after sex too.

9. Yoga Pants are Hot

10 Ways Yoga Leads to Better Sex - Yoga Enhancer

Those that practice yoga on a regular basis look particularly scrumptious in their yoga apparel. From butt-hugging yoga pants to tight t-shirts, you’re liable to attract ogles of admiration when you’re sporting your workout gear. Admiring glances are only the first step; you never know where those looks will land you.

10. Helps Confidence

10 Ways Yoga Leads to Better Sex - Confidence

Yoga is an instant confidence booster. You can’t help but feel more alive and vital after finishing a strenuous yoga class. Dare you to not feel fantastic and walk out of the yoga studio with your head held high.

These are just ten of many ways yoga makes you sexier. Becoming a better you allows you to become a better partner, regardless of what sort of romantic rendezvous you pursue. Are you ready to make yoga part of your daily routine now?

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