Avoid Catching a Cold this Winter: Have More Sex

Avoid Catching a Cold this Winter: Have More SexWant a fun way to avoid catching a cold this winter?  Have sex. Lots of it.

It’s old news that sex is good for your heart health and weight loss efforts, but did you know that frolicking between the sheets as the weather gets colder can help you avoid  catching a cold or the flu?

Sex, T cells and your immune system

Two recently published studies back what sexual health experts have been saying for years: More sex equals better health and higher levels of fertility. It turns out, that the mechanism that boosts immune and fertility also helps you avoid catching a cold.

Your body produces T cells, sometimes called Helper cells, to fight against infection. Hormones released during sex have a powerful effect on the immune system, causing specific types of T cells to be released at different parts of a woman’s cycle. In the part of the cycle in which she is infertile, Type 1 T cells surge, helping safeguard the woman against infections that might inhibit pregnancy. During the fertile part of a woman’s cycle, if she has been regularly sexually active, Type 2 T cells take over. These T cells help regulate the body’s immune responses, and decrease the chance that it will attack the sperm or the growing embryo. Additionally, sexually active people in general have higher levels of immunoglobulins, which help protect against illness.

While having sex is great for your health, it is still important to protect your sexual health by using condoms, talking about other prospective partners, and getting regular sexual health checkups. Stay healthy this fall and winter while staying warm with that special someone- or someones- between the sheets!

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