Want To Be Better at Sex? Try These 3 Things

Having a great sex life is of paramount importance to most people, but being skilled in the art of knowing how to please your partner isn’t so easy for some folks, unfortunately. What makes someone “good” at sex? For your reading pleasure, we’ve come up with 3 tips on how to be better at sex:

  1. Listen: So many people neglect to listen to the sexual kinks, dislikes and preferences of their partner. If you want to have great sex with someone, they have to be into what you’re doing to them(unless you’re into doing things that your partner specifically won’t like. If that’s you, then so sorry, we can’t help you).
  2. Exercise: Exercising regularly is a great way to improve what you give and get out of sex with your partner. It’s a proven way to increase circulation, jumpstart endorphin levels, reduce stress and increase a man’s sexual stamina. Get moving!
  3. Add Something New Into The Mix: Adding something new to your sexual experiences is bound to challenge you and your partner. A new toy, roleplay game or rollout of a fetish forces you and your partner to have an important conversation about your likes and dislikes. Communication is sexier than people give it credit for. What can be more sexual and raw than two people talking about their fantasies and desires? If you’re just hooking up with someone, you should still have this conversation. If they’re not into what you’re into, then hey, you may not be compatible, and that’s ok.

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