4 Ways Women in Relationships can make Time for Friends

In a perfect world you would have Liam Hemsworth for a boyfriend (those abs), your best friends would get along with your boyfriend and there would be a million Instagram pictures to prove it. But the world isn’t perfect and friendships are, many times,  adversely affected when a relationship with your partner grows.

When you’re in a relationship sometimes friendships get set aside, but not anymore.

1. Set a girls night every week: If you and your girlfriends are used to bingeing on takeout and watching the Real Housewives then don’t stop! And trust us, your boyfriend will thank you. Make sure that you still get together with your girlfriends, even if it’s just a one-night-a-week deal.

2. Double date when you can: This is the trickiest way to steal some extra girl time. So if your bestie is in a relationship too, then double date! The date is more for the girl-time, but the guys don’t need to know that… a bottle of red wine for the table? Perfect.

3. Your boyfriend can help: No matter what career field your guy is in, chances are he can help your friends move into a new apartment, hook-up an audio system, diagnose a leak, etc.  It doesn’t matter if you’re perfectly capable of doing these things yourself; it’s about spending quality time with your girls (or boys).

4. Your boyfriend can play match-maker: Oh yes, you heard me. When your man finally has a friendship with your friends, the age-old question is always, “do you have any friends?” And if he does, let him set it up! Just make sure you know the guy friends first because we all know set-ups can be a disaster.

So, there doesn’t always have to be a fight between friendships and a relationship! You can easily make time for both, which makes for a happy girl. For more information on dating, sex and love contact us today!

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