3 Dating Tips for Finding Love at the Office

Finding love at the office isn’t taboo as long as the dating relationship isn’t coerced or used to get ahead, at least from an HR (human resource) perspective. For individuals trying to find love at the office, the goal is not to mimic the naughtiest bits of “Fifty Shades of Grey” but to date a good match.

According to a Marriage Study conducted for eHarmony by ORC International, a lot of people still fall in love with their spouses at the office. In fact, 37.8 percent of those studied between 2005 and 2010 met their spouse at work or school compared to 26.1 who met through family and friends. Another 12.2 percent met through online dating.

3 Important Dating Tips

When dating someone you know in a professional setting, it’s important to minimize drama and any hard feelings if things don’t work out. The best way to do that is by being considerate and keeping matters private.

1. Building a foundation

Get to know the person you want to date on a professional level as opposed to a friendship level. Flirt to show interest, but don’t rush into dating the person until you know you respect him or her.

2. Timing it right

Don’t become involved with someone at work who is already in a committed love relationship. When you do start dating, avoid going to company parties and events together. Instead, find activities not related to work so you can determine if there’s chemistry and compatibility in the “real world.”

3. Avoiding water cooler gossip

Don’t become the subject of cheap office gossip. As your love begins to grow, keep it private. Public displays of affection aren’t professional. Too much PDA can offend colleagues and tarnish your reputation with management.

It’s natural to feel attracted to people in the workplace because you share challenges and some of the same talents or skills. But finding love at work requires special considerations to protect your job. For more dating tips, contact us.

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