Group Wants to Ban Sex Robots – For Good Reasons

Group Wants to Ban Sex Robots - For Good Reasons

Sex robots are the cutting edge in sexual aid technology. Anatomically correct models will be able to move and even react verbally to their human users. The idea is that people who, for whatever reasons, lack human companionship will be able to have some kind of outlet for normal sexual desire.

Naturally, a group of people have started a campaign to get these sex robots banned. Ironically, according to Gizmodo, the group does not rise out of the religious right or any of the usual suspects where banning sex is concerned. The group trying to ban sex robots, including Kathleen Richardson of De Montfort University and Erik Billing from University of Skövde, call themselves “robot ethicists.”

Sex robots would be detrimental to relationships between human beings, according to Ban the Sex Robots. They would lead to the objectification of women and children, buttress the idea that women only exist to be sex objects, and reduce normal human empathy. The campaign is somewhat dismissive of the idea of male sex robots.

The ideas of the campaign need not be rejected out of hand. What would be the effect on normal human relations if people have sex robots for sexual release, without all of the messy emotions inherent with human partners? This situation is uncharted territory.

On the other hand, as we’ve seen with other vices, such as alcohol, drugs, a prostitution with human sex workers, prohibition does not work and leads to unpleasant outcomes, such as giving organized crime a new market. Still, it is possible that certain guidelines could be enacted that would be far short of prohibition that may help to address the objections of the Ban the Sex Robot movement.

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