Why Millennial Women Are Staying Single

Women millennials, the current generation aged 18 to 33, are forgoing romantic relationships in record numbers.

According to one survey, only 26% of millennials reported as married, while a Gallup poll revealed that 60% of women millennials identify themselves as single. It’s a radical departure from the attitudes of the past, where for women, being in a relationship was the ultimate goal.


Women are now outpacing men in college enrollment. With a focus on the rigors and demands of higher education, women may simply lack the time or energy to pursue a traditional romantic relationship.

Career Development

With higher education comes increased focus on career goals.  Women are now twice as likely to be working in their 20’s compared to previous generations. Highly demanding careers mean less time to devote to a significant other.  The payoff? Unmarried women with college degrees in their 20’s earn on average $18,152 more a year than their married counterparts. How’s that for a reason to stay single?

Sexual Liberation

It’s no secret nowadays that people are interested in all kinds of alternative relationships. Whether it’s a friends with benefits, open relationships or fuck buddies, women everywhere are okay with getting some outside of the confines of a traditional relationship; our mothers would have to get married to make sex okay, women today don’t have to conform to such rigid social norms.

It seems that more and more, modern women are prioritizing freedom, autonomy and personal development over being attached. They want to have something that’s entirely their own. After all, a relationships end, but knowledge and professional accomplishments last a lifetime.


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