3 Crazy Ways Sex Can Help You Lose Weight

Sex not only feels amazing, but has huge positive impacts for the body and mind. Sex floods your brain with endorphins (the “feel good” centers of the brain) which help improve mood and fight anxiety and depression.

Sex can also help you lose weight and the ways it does that might surprise you. Here are 3 ways sex helps promote weight loss:

  1. Sex Helps You Sleep– Everyone knows that having hot, passionate sex can help you sleep, but did you know that sleep helps you lose weight? You actually burn a ton of calories getting a restful sleep and a rested brain is more prepared to make better dieting choices.
  2. Sex Fights Hunger– Cortisol is a hormone that boosts your appetite for high fat foods. Sex reduces this hormone and in turn helps suppress your appetite(for food that it is……). Sex improves mood overall and can put you in a mindset that’s focused feeling good in ways outside of food. This is vital for those who compulsively eat or turn to food when they are sad and lonely.
  3. Sex Burns Calories– Working out can be a chore for most people, but having sex for 15 minutes is an easy way to burn 100 calories. If you have a lot of sex during the week, you could be burning anywhere from 300-700 calories. Sex beats the gym.

Sex can definitely help you shed some pounds, but nothing can take the place of regular exercise and good nutrition. For more info about love and sex, contact us today!

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