Android Gets a Leg Up on Apple in X-Rated Content

Android Beating Apple in X-rated Apps

If you’re still up in the air about whether your next mobile device will be Android or Apple, here’s a bit of news and information that might sway your decision: Android is fast becoming fertile ground for X-rated apps, games, and content.

The adult industry has long been on the leading edge of technology. Some of us are old enough to remember the 1980s, when the VCR came of age. VHS became the standard over Betamax in part because the adult industry adopted VHS. Android vs. Apple is not quite the next version of the VHS vs. Betamax battle, but sex does have an edge on Android. That’s because unlike the closed system of Apple’s iOS, Android is open, David Chao, general partner for investment firm DCM Ventures, tells tech website Re-Code. That openness means Android is a more receptive platform to content that include violence in games, or anything related to sex.

Now DCM is angling to get in on the action. The firm invests in early-stage companies, and it has announced a second fund that will focus on startups working on Android apps. Those apps could include virtual and augmented reality, which could easily skew toward adult content.

Chao isn’t naming names, but he seems to be aware of companies developing sex-related apps, some that have ambitions to make their offerings very visible. “Not that we have [invested] yet, but we have been looking for some X-rated applications that might want to go public,” Chao told Re-Code.

Despite Apple’s tremendous growth, Android has become the dominant operating system worldwide. That said, Apple has been a more lucrative source of revenue for developers. That could change if sex apps and content take off on Android. It won’t take down Apple the way that VHS took down Beta. But it could give Android a leg up on Apple in a very lucrative segment of the market. For the latest developments on X-rated apps, contact us.

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