Male Life-like Sex Dolls Enter Into The Sex Toy Fray

Sex dolls have been a part of sexual culture for decades. They often address the needs of those with social anxieties, difficulty interacting with people and just those who feel struggle with loneliness. Be they the butt of a joke or an actual fulfillment of sexual need, there has been no lack of female figured simulates on the market. Most of the time sex dolls are relegated to gag-store blow up dolls that men insist on giving their buddies as a stag-night gift.  But there is a thriving, albeit slightly underground, market for life-like sex dolls. In the most extreme cases, individuals formed a functioning lifestyle around incorporating their sex doll into daily and socially acceptable routine, even going so far as to marry their synthetic lover and take a second as a mistress.

Until now these sex dolls have been distinctly female, complete with female anatomy. As sexual equality and feminism gain greater traction on social and traditional media, a Los Angeles company known as Sinthetics (NSFW!!!) has issued a remedy. A new line of their shockingly life-like “Manikins” was debuted recently. Their male model, named Gabriel, is fully customizable. And when we say fully customizable, we mean FULLY. Options such as facial and pubic hair, size and girth of the synthetic penis, hair & eye color and even the presence or absence of a happy trail can be selected. Sinthetics strives to address any possible need in their dolls.

Admittedly the company was seeking to expand their market, not only to women but to gay men who felt a need for a little less talking and a little more action.

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