The World of Sex Cam Workers is Growing, And College Students Are Filling The Ranks

Anyone familiar with the world of Internet porn (read: everyone with an Internet connection, and all of their friends) knows about cam girls. As fast Internet speeds and cheap webcams grow more common, it’s possible for anyone willing to grow a following to make money as an online sex worker. Clients check out your pictures and read your profile, then toss a dollar or so into your jar to chat with you. Chatting continues for a regular fee, and that can extend to private video sessions, phone chats, custom photo shoots, buying a cam girls panties, etc.

While this might seem like the bargain basement of the world of porn, the ranks of cam girls are swelling like never before. More unusual still, at least a third of the girls really are college students.

Working Their Way Through School

According to Fusion, the reason that more college coeds (the sort that are earning real degrees) are choosing to become cam girls is simple economics. Being a cam girl (especially one with a good following and regular clients) pays a lot more than part-time work on campus. With exponentially more expensive costs for school, that’s a big motivator. The other motivator is that cam girls are in control of their bodies, and their work. If they want to do late night hours, or mid-afternoons, then they can. If they aren’t comfortable dealing with a certain client, they can block and report that client. The girls set their own limits, and often they run the show.

To use Fusion’s analogy, cam girls are the independent operators to mainstream porn’s corporate culture.

What Does This Mean For The Future?

Cam girls are growing more popular, and the job is becoming available to more and more women. It’s a legal form of sex work, and it’s one that is putting more power into the hands of more women (something that hasn’t often been the case in the past when it comes to porn). While this may not be a part of an avalanche of change, it certainly means that adult entertainment and sex work as we know it is changing.

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