Sex: 3 U.S. Norms That Are Really Weird (To Most of Europe)

Weird is all a matter of perspective, but if you take a bunch of puritans and leave them on a huge landmass, isolated from other cultures, you’re bound to get some odd results. While we tend to think of America as a progressive melting pot of values, where we take the very best everyone has to offer, it may be time for us to take a second look when is comes to sex.

Here are some things we believe about sex that confuse the hell out of Europe, as well as other parts of the world, according to Raw Story.

#1: Sensitivity Toward Nudity Over Violence

This is a fairly commonly known American cultural more, but that doesn’t make it any less weird. In America we’re perfectly fine with brutal violence in our media, whether it be movies, TV, video games, or other depictions, but as soon as nudity gets near it (to say nothing of actual sex) we slap that hard R rating on and cover our children’s eyes. The real question you should ask is what are your kids more likely to do in their lives; see someone else naked, or beat someone to death with a cinder block?

#2: The Ridiculous Lengths We Go To Avoiding Sex (As A Topic)

There’s a bizarre dichotomy in America that absolutely everything is sexualized, but at the same time we cannot ever be seen liking or endorsing sex in public ways. For example, we’ll run ads featuring bikini-clad models and show commercials convincing men to buy Viagra all day, but we’ll also spend thousands of dollars of public money to cover up statues in public places, or teaching abstinence-only sex education (which has been shown to lead to worse results when it comes to healthy sex lives). The result of our treating sex like something shameful? Higher rates of STDs, higher teen pregnancies, and a disturbing tendency to misunderstand sex and sexuality in dangerous, harmful ways.

#3: Circumcision

Did you know that circumcision doesn’t actually do anything for you? It doesn’t keep your penis cleaner, and unless you’re doing it for religious reasons, there’s really no reason it’s necessary. Most of the things we think about circumcision are just leftover parts of a scare-mongering campaign from over a century ago, according to Adam Ruins Everything.

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