'Sex+' With Laci Green is The Place For Sex Education

Finding answers to questions about sex on the Internet should be easy. After all, the Internet has the entirety of human knowledge stored on it… which is precisely the problem. Sex is a sticky issue (no pun intended), and with so many blogs trying to shout each other down, cherry-picked research papers, and abstinence-only pages all screaming for your attention, getting the information you need can sometimes feel like it isn’t worth the effort you have to put in.

That’s why you need a guide.

Laci Green and Sex+

Sex+ (pronounced “sex positive”) is a video series created by sex education activist Laci Green. The goal of the project is to provide useful, actionable information for people who are trying to understand sex in a confusing, ever-changing world, and to make sure viewers are entertained while they’re being educated.

Think of a question, chances are good Laci Green has covered it. What’s the big deal about consent? Is 50 Shades of Grey an accurate description of alternative lifestyles? What is the G-spot? All of these, and hundreds of other questions, have been answered in her vlog series.

Solid Answers in a Shifting World

While there are a lot of self-proclaimed sexperts out there, Sex+ has a lot of things they don’t (aside from nearly 2 million followers). For one, Green is honest about her experiences as a woman in several areas of sex, which can often provide insight for viewers. For another, Green has been creating useful content since at least 2008, which gives her a lot of experience in finding ways to translate information into something her audiences can understand.

There’s no medical jargon, no agendas, and no shame. Just sex, and how you can embrace it in a positive manner in your life.

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