Sex Toys For Sale… By Vending Machine

We live in an age of convenience. Food can be ordered for home delivery. Clothing and books can be purchased over the Internet. And while the video store business is all but extinct, movie rentals are still alive and well in ubiquitous Redbox machines placed at locations frequented by consumers. Perhaps that widespread consumer availability was the inspiration for PinkBox, a company that supplies sex toys via vending machine. You read that right. Consumer convenience has found its way to sex toys.

Philadelphia-based PinkBox makes vending machines that sell adult products. The company plans to place the machines at locations such as bars and clubs. While many bars and clubs offer condom vending machines in their rest rooms, PinkBox aims to sell a wider selection of products including condoms, lube, vibrators, even restraints, all retailing in the range of $4 to $99. The machines are placed out in the open and they take either cash or credit cards.

PinkBox co-owner Dean Kitagawa tells that the vending machines are intended for bargoers who might not want to make an extra trip to a sex shop. The PinkBox machines also offer the convenience of immediate product availability.

“We want to take the taboo feeling out of purchasing things that could be marriage- or couple-enhancers,” Kitagawa says. “We want it to become mainstream, and now is the time.”

PinkBox may be a novel idea in the United States, but it can’t claim to be the first sex toy vending machine company. Such vending machines are already in place in Spain, Japan, and Scandinavia, according to

But PinkBox sees its mission as more than selling sex products. The company donates a portion of its sales to marriage-equality efforts, such as, a national group that supports same-sex marriage. Kitagawa says that by aligning with such groups, the company hopes to show that the products can be used by all types of couples. To stay on top of the latest in innovative sexual products, contact us.

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