5 Signs You're A Clingy Girlfriend

Being clingy is not a quality that most men desire in a woman. Clingy girlfriends may intend to be affectionate but come across as overbearing. Here are five signs that you are a acting like a clingy girlfriend.

1. You latch on to his group of friends

Getting to know your boyfriend’s friends is great, but you won’t want to go overboard. Don’t attempt to become part of the group and expect to be invited along whenever they do something. Don’t friend them all on Facebook as an attempt to be part of the group. You want to be friendly and able to hang out with them, but moving too fast in trying to be part of his group of friends might make them and him a little nervous.

2. You consistently break plans to be with him

If your boyfriend works six days a week and suddenly has an afternoon off, it’s not a big deal to break plans to be with him. Your friends will likely be understanding. If your boyfriend texts you and asks what you’re doing that afternoon and you break plans with your friends just so you can be free for him, you are acting like a clingy girlfriend. You don’t have to make yourself free for him any time he casually mentions not having plans.

3. You stalk him

If you spend your time checking up on your boyfriend’s social media accounts, commenting on every single status update and photo he posts, and Googling his name to find anything you didn’t know before. This behaviour is not only unhealthy, but labels you as very insecure as well. If you are obsessed with your boyfriend’s movements when you’re not together, you are a clingy girlfriend.

4. You text him constantly

A clingy woman will call and text her boyfriend every chance she gets. Texting your boyfriend in the morning before work is very sweet, but texting him every hour on the dot to ask how he is is excessive, especially if he hasn’t replied to your last text yet. Texting him so often will only overwhelm and possibly bore him. He doesn’t want to know everything you’re doing from what you eat to how your co-worker is annoying you.

5. You won’t do anything without him

If you’ve gone from an independent woman to one who can’t do her shopping or other activities without him around, you may be a clingy girlfriend. Just because you have a boyfriend that you love doesn’t mean that you have to sit around and wait for him before you do things. He probably has little interest in tagging along while you shop for new nail polish or visit your best friend’s puppy at doggy day care.

If you exhibit any of the above qualities, you may be seen as a clingy girlfriend. You may not mean to be, but if you want to hold on to your boyfriend it’s a good idea to back off a little. By becoming a less clingy girlfriend your boyfriend won’t be as inclined to want to avoid you.

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