Even Pirates Understand Consent and Sex

America has been painfully coming to terms with a lot of issues when it comes to sex; toxic masculinity (the aggressive demeaning of anything feminine as lesser), rape culture (a culture where the victim tends to be blamed, and where abusers are often defended), and consent. While we’ve talked a good game about respect, and about supporting women in the choices they make, not all of us put our money where our mouths are.

Except of course for the Progressive Pirates.

Key and Peele Do It Again

Key and Peele are a comedy duo who specialize in sketch comedy. From ridiculous scenarios like rival gangbangers who bond over their mutual love of Twilight, to a substitute teacher from the inner city who rolls a little too hard when he comes to a suburban high school, the comedians often lampoons social issues and ridiculous standards. One of their latest sketches, the Pirate Chantey, explores how issues surrounding sex and sexuality are so simple you can write a catchy song about them.

The sketch is all about a song being sung in a seafarer’s dive on the waterfront. And while it carries the traditional, bawdy feel of a sailor’s sea shanty, Key and Peele turn the themes on their heads. The first verse talks about how a drunk woman who can’t say yes should be put to bed instead of taken advantage of, and the second discusses equality in the bedroom. The third verse hits on a woman’s right to choose, and the fourth verse talks about how we tend to assume that those in positions of power are men. The fifth verse starts when a drunk gets up and starts using degrading language, at which point he’s shot by the captain; a fierce-looking woman in a red coat.

While the Pirate Chantey is funny, it’s also caught a lot of attention for the message it’s sending. Why, when you can write a simple song explaining how to fix so much of what’s wrong in America’s culture, do we struggle so hard with it?

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