Bill Cosby's Favorite Drug: 4 Things to Know about Quaaludes

A decade after the first woman, Andrea Constand, came forward with accusations of Bill Cosby luring and drugging her for sexual purposes, the records documenting Bill Cosby’s testimony back in 2005 have been released revealing that the famed actor and comedian admitted to using quaaludes to drug women for sexual purposes.

What are Quaaludes?

Marketed as Mandrax in the UK, Quaalude is the American brand name for a drug called methaqualone. Discovered in the 50’s and patented in 1962, it was initially tested as an anti-malarial drug but was better suited for its sedative with hypnotic elements.

Hippie culture of the late 60’s and 70’s first explored the recreational use of quaaludes, capitalizing on the hypnotic elements of the drug’s effects. Sometimes called disco biscuits it rose to popularity in the disco rock clubs.

What D0 Quaaludes Do?

In the 1970’s methaqualone primarily treated insomnia. Sometimes prescribed as a muscle relaxant, Quaaludes affected a user’s central nervous system, either causing them to fall asleep or drift in and out of shallow sleep and awareness. Due to the section of the brain they worked in, it was not uncommon to become physically sexually aroused while under the influence.

Are Quaaludes And Roofies The Same Thing?

Quaaludes were the pre-cursor to roofies, the date rape drug. Roofies, or rohypnol, rose to prominence in early 80’s as quaaludes became harder to obtain even in black market circles.

Can I Be Drugged With Quaaludes?

The drug proved to easy to abuse and the US Federal Government rendered illegal in 1984. Other countries followed suit in the years the closely followed, anything resembling quaaludes or the effects of the drug, remains almost impossible to get a hold of.

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