Can Having Sex Outside The Bedroom Save Your Relationship?

It happens to most of us. We meet someone awesome, fall in love and have crazy, mind blowing sex for a few months. Then we get comfortable and things start to change.

But what about that rare couple we all seem to know that somehow manages to keep their sex life interesting? What’s their big secret?

It could be that they’re getting down on the regular somewhere outside the bedroom.

Women’s Magazine reports, “Changing locations removes you from things in your home that stress you out and gets your adrenaline pumping, which helps you get even more aroused than usual. Sharing feelings of excitement can help couples get connected during the experience and after.

The familiar and mundane can be poisonous for long term relationships. Stability for a couple too often means the end of kinky, adventurous and fun sex. Taking the fun out of relationships can be detrimental. Every person at their core needs the release that fun and adventure provide and sexuality can’t be excluded from this.

Convinced? Here’s 3 places outside the bedroom you should be getting down:

  1. A Dive Bar Bathroom- Yes, it’s dirty and a bit sketchy but that’s the point right?
  2. The Beach- There’s nothing more romantic than a beach. Scout out a quiet spot, make sure no one’s around and don’t forget your towel.
  3. An Alley Downtown- Ok, we aren’t talking full on laying on the ground sex here, but the risk of almost getting caught and the excitement of sharing a sexual experience out in public is unforgettable.
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