How Important Is Sex When It Comes To Compatibility?

Tim and Melissa met online and hit it off immediately. The had mutual interests, a similar sense of humor and were on the same page with politics and values.  In short, their compatibility level was very high. Why then, did the couple only last 2 months? Sex (or bad sex to be precise) was to blame.

Not through lack of trying, the couple was never able to achieve a meaningful or fulfilling sexual connection. Frustrated, Melissa was the one to call it quits. “I just feel like there wasn’t ever a spark between us in the bedroom. I just felt…..bored.”

There is a common and persistent stigma against people like Melissa in our culture. Prioritizing sex seems downright superficial to some people. But why?

Sex may be the Ultimate Compatibility Factor

Couples with satisfying sex lives are proven to stay together longer than their frustrated counterparts. Women’s Magazine found that when researchers interviewed 732 married couples between the ages of 57 and 85 and found that those who reported having little to no sex reported lower levels of marriage satisfaction. The more often couples reported having sex, the happier and more positive they said they felt about their marriages. Interestingly, this association held when their hookups involved any sexual act (not just intercourse).

Like it or not sex is a vital part of humanity and romantic relationships. But enough about that. You’re probably wondering what ever happened to Tim and Melissa. As it turns out, they became great friends. Relationships built on common interests and values are friendships when sex isn’t involved. There is nothing wrong with two people admitting they are no good for each other in bed and just staying friends.

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