Which Countries Have The Most Sexual Partners In The World? The Answers May Surprise You

If we look around the world to see who has the most sexual partners, what country do you think would top the list? Would it be US, as in the United States, or how about France, they’re stereo-typically known as the nation of love and romance?

Well, according to Statistica, one of the online leaders in facts and figures, the crown of copulation goes to Turkey. I have to admit that I was a little surprised by this, Turkey, really? If you’re wondering where the rest of the world’s countries lie in this ranking, check out these stats and the list includes the average number of sexual partners in each country:

  1. Turkey @ 14.5
  2. Australia @ 13.3
  3. New Zealand @ 13.2
  4. Iceland @ 13
  5. South Africa @ 12.5
  6. Finland @ 12.4
  7. Norway @ 12.1
  8. Italy @ 11.8
  9. Sweden @ 11.8
  10. Ireland @ 11.1

The United States didn’t even make it into the top ten coming in at the thirteenth slot underneath Switzerland and Canada respectively. It would appear that the folks in the land down under are going down on a regular basis and those in the colder climates are cuddling up more than others.

Other surprise showings in the lower rankings are France placing way down at the number twenty-fifth slot and Thailand, well-known for their kinkiness in Bangkok, came in sixteenth place. While they may have the reputation of being Latin lovers, Spain’s numbers don’t match up to this legend by landing in the thirty-second position, just barely making an appearance on the list.

Are you surprised by these figures or do they seem completely realistic to you? Please comment below or contact us with your opinions.

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