Over 150,000 Americans Are Unaware They Have HIV

New statistical data released by the CDC revealed that 156,300 people, or 1 in 8 persons suffering from HIV are currently not diagnosed.

This is actually pretty encouraging.

The Good News About HIV Diagnosis

Approximately 87 percent of Americans who have HIV have been diagnosed. Though it falls just shy of the goal of 90 percent by 2015, set by President Obama’s National/HIV-AIDS Strategy in 2010, it is well above the original number of diagnoses which stood at around 79 percent in 2010.

States that have met the current goal include Hawaii, New York, Connecticut and Delaware, with Colorado coming in just shy at 89.7 percent. Hawaii is at the top with 93 percent of cases diagnosed.

Forty-two states were used in the study because the remaining states didn’t have enough new cases to provide reliable statistical results.

The state with the lowest number of diagnosed cases is Louisiana at 77 percent.

According to the report, states with the lowest rates of diagnosis would benefit from more testing stations in particular, and greater HIV awareness in general.


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