First Approved Male Contraceptive Coming in 2018

Birth control, rather unfairly, has been the domain of women for thousands of years.   Birth control has been a messy, persistent, and sometimes invasive process that can have short term and long term heath repercussions.

Enter Vasalgel, a male contraceptive gel that could essentially eliminate the woman’s role in the birth control process all together.

Vasalgel has two distinct advantages over the pill – one: it’s non-hormonal, so there is no interference to the body’s normal functions; two: one injection is effective for up to 10 years.

Vasagel is a polymer that’s injected into the vas deferens – the tubes that carry sperm – located in the scrotum, the pouch that holds the testicles. When injected, Vasagel interrupts the flow of sperm.

More good news, the process is fully reversible. It would only take a second injection to fully dissolve the polymer.

This will be the first of a wave of new male contraceptive products that will become available within the next few years. Other products are currently being tested in the lab, or on animals.  One such product is the innovative “Clean Sheets” pill, which, as the name implies, prevents the man from ejaculating when he has an orgasm.

More good news.  Although men are reluctant to do many things in a relationship, contraception isn’t one of them.  A recent poll by The Telegraph reported that more than half the men surveyed were very eager to try male contraceptives when they become available.

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