How an Active Sex Life Makes You a Better Parent

When you’re a parent, having sex moves down the list of priorities significantly. Kids drain your energy, your motivation, and your overall sexy feelings.  But not having sex can actually have a negative impact on your ability to parent to your best abilities.  Here are a few surprising ways that having sex on the regular can actually make you a better parent:

Keeps you healthy

Face it.  Kids are basically living, breathing petri dishes of germs and bacteria.  If you haven’t already experienced it, you will one day find yourself in a seemingly never-ending cycle of illness.  The good news is that having frequent sex (3 or more times a week) has been linked with a healthier immune system, which gives you more time to take care of your sick little ones instead of being sick yourself.

Research also suggests a link between an active sex life and a lower risk of high blood pressure as well as lower overall stress levels.   So while sex may get your heart pumping, it’s also lowering your risk for illnesses and heart disease all while reducing your stress.

Multi-tasks your workout with quality time with your partner

Busy parents find it hard enough to go to the bathroom alone, let alone find time for a much needed workout.  Why not multi-task?  Having sex burns on average 150 calories for 30 minutes.  We know, 30 minutes is probably pushing it for you, but there’s even better news.  Now you can find out exactly how many calories you burned between the sheets thanks to the Sex Calculator, which takes into account the position(s) used, duration, and intensity.  Play around with the calculator to figure out how to maximize your calorie burn.  Your partner will surely thank you for your enthusiasm, and your kids will appreciate your new found energy thanks to your secret little workout.

Sleep better

Sleep is in short supply for most parents, and spending the night tossing and turning will only lead to cranky mornings.   Once again, sex is here to save the day (or night).  According to an article in the Journal for Women’s Health, increased estrogen levels as a result of sex can lead to deeper sleep for women, making you more rested and ready to be a parent in the morning.

Take your parenting and your sex life to the next level by committing to frequent sex during the week. You’ll be a calmer, happier parent, and you and your partner will connect emotionally and physically.

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