The Secret Behind Your Attraction to Dominant Men

The Secret Behind Your Attraction to Dominant Men

Many people wonder why women are attracted to “bad boys” who break their hearts or cause them anxiety. Even if they note the sexiness and excitement factor of dominant men, they are still left with questions; to them it seems illogical for women to date “bad boys” However, there are numerous reasons for their attraction to dominant partners, including their menstrual cycle, boredom, the need for protection and security, and anxiety. Once you understand the motivating factors, it begins to make more sense.

The Most Fertile Point of Your Menstrual Cycle

A woman’s attraction to dominant men is not merely mental. During the most fertile point of her menstrual cycle, a woman shows a preference for more dominant men. In contrast, men don’t biologically seek out dominant women. This naturally makes sense, as they need someone submissive to complement their preference for having greater control of the relationship. They exemplify a time when men were the hunters and women were the nurturers.

Numerous studies have concluded that a female’s preference for dominant men increases at the most fertile point during her menstrual cycle. Two examples include “Changes in Women’s Mate Preferences Across the Ovulatory Cycle,” published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and “Women’s Preferences for Male Behavioral Displays Change Across the Menstrual Cycle,” published in Psychological Science.

The former hypothesized and found supporting evidence that women most desired men with “good genes” as short-term mates during the period at which they are the most fertile. Good genes are concerned with survival of the fittest. To put it in other terms, you are naturally more attracted to the man who has the genetic makeup for reproducing and surviving longer. In today’s society, survival is not a top concern, considering how comfortably people live now. However, evolution occurs slowly, so humans are still affected by some old programming, whether they are aware of it or not.

Based on women being more drawn to symmetrical men and masculine male faces during the late follicular and ovulatory phases of their menstrual cycles than during the luteal phases, the second study predicted that women would be more attracted to men who exhibited dominant behaviors in social settings. Again, the hypothesis was supported by the data. Women were magnetically drawn to men who illustrated presence.

Becoming Bored Easily

Biological reasons aside, some personality traits also affect a woman’s inclination toward dominant men. If you’re easily bored, then you are probably someone who seeks out the bad boys. They typically provide more excitement and stimulation than the nice guys. This doesn’t mean you perceive all gentle guys as boring. It’s possible for you to not become bored with someone who’s nice, but a dominant male tends to hold your attention longer.

It’s Not Always About the Sexiness or Excitement

If that doesn’t resonate with you, then perhaps your attraction to dominant men has nothing to do with your susceptibility to boredom. Another group of women desire the protection and security those men provide. A man who isn’t afraid to fight for his girlfriend is typically viewed as more attractive than the pacifist who either runs away or allows himself to be walked over. You probably would feel more protected by the first type of man.

A Way to Cope with Anxiety

The fourth potential reason you may find yourself dating assertive men is that you are prone to anxiety. Some women who are on the anxious side prefer relationships with dominant men. In fact, the need to feel protected by a man can stem from anxiety. It’s important to note that not all anxious women share the same attraction to assertive men. Some go to the opposite end of the spectrum to cope with their anxiety, such as by seeking new experiences; they might be confused, thinking that a dominant man fulfills that need. However, their controlling nature can prevent women from exploring whatever non-conformist lifestyle she feels drawn toward.

The secret behind your attraction to dominant partners is most likely one or a combination of these four reasons. Women show an innate preference for dominant men during the most fertile period of their menstrual cycles. Beyond biology, certain personality traits — such as being easily bored, craving protection and security, and having anxiety — lead to a greater desire for a take-charge man in your life, even one labeled as the “bad boy.”

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