Happier Couples Have Sex More Often

A study conducted by author and psychotherapist M. Gary Neuman suggests that happier couples engage in sex more often.

That may seem a bit academic, but the results of the study saw a surprising trend:  happiness wasn’t determined by overall sexual satisfaction, but by the frequency of sex.

According to the results of the survey, based on 400 female participants in relationships, unhappy couples had sex three to four times a month; happy couples averaged 11 sexual encounters per month.

Why Sex Drops Off During a Relationship

According to Dr. Neuman, most couples become consumed with everyday obligations – mortgage payments, careers, children – while sex takes a back seat in the relationship. He stresses that it’s essential for couples to find things to share and talk about that don’t revolve around pressing responsibilities.

By setting aside time for sex, you are putting more importance on the relationship and the bond that exists within it.  Sex is a time to be close and forget about the everyday stresses in life.

It’s easy for the responsibilities in life to get you down, but be mindful when they’re bringing your relationship down with it. In creating more time for sex, you are also developing a more loving and intimate atmosphere that promotes deeper satisfaction within the relationship.

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