How Many Dates Should You Go On Before It’s Ok To Have Sex?

How Many Dates Should You Go On Before It’s Ok To Have Sex?How many dates should you go on before you put out?  It’s a question that’s almost as old as the concept of dating itself.  Pushing the issue early can be construed as being overly aggressive and thus a big turnoff; waiting too long can land you in the hellish purgatory called the friend zone, and is thus a big turnoff.

Well, fear not intrepid daters, Time Out’s recent ‘Global Dating Survey’ is here to tell you the exact amount of dates everybody else thinks is acceptable to hop into bed.

And the answer is … 3.53 dates.

The study surveyed 11,000 people worldwide, and collected information about their “dating habits, preferences, and dislikes”.  After crunching the data and averaging the results, we get the wonderfully crooked number mentioned above.

More good news … The Time Out survey aligns closely with the 2013 Business Insider Survey, which looked at American dating behavior.  That survey determined that 30 to 40 percent of Americans thought the appropriate amount of dating necessary before sex was between two and five dates .

Therefore, a combination of the data from both surveys illustrates that three dates is the average number that is considered acceptable before copulating; except for good ole England, where British women hold off until the fifth date.

Obviously, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the time you decide to have sex.  According to (and us), “the most important thing is to wait until you are comfortable with the other person before you have sex with them”.

Makes sense to us.

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