Length Does Matter When it comes to Vaginal Orgasms

A current study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine was based on research that examined the likelihood and circumstances surrounding vaginal orgasms, specifically one that is achieved by penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI).   Research from this study has indicated that one of the factors that cause a woman to orgasm from penile-vaginal intercourse consistently, without focused clitoral stimulation, was the length of a man’s penis.  Conclusively stating that a longer penis was a key influence in a woman’s capacity to achieve a vaginal orgasm, as opposed to a clitoral orgasm. While other factors such as “mental attention to vaginal sensations” were also said to play a part, this study discovered that length really does matter when it comes to reaching orgasm during penile-vaginal sex.

The Correlation between Penis Length and Orgasms

Study: Length Does Matter When it comes to Vaginal Orgasms

Longer penises were preferred “across cultures” by women who have vaginal orgasms.

The study focused on the relationship between penile length, and “deep vaginal stimulation”, as opposed to clitoral or shallow vaginal sensations.  75 Czech women, between the ages of 18 and 36, were interviewed to form the basis of this study.  Some interesting information was discovered, including that “the association between penis size and [vaginal orgasmic consistency], together with female preference for longer penises was confirmed in cross-cultural samples.”  The study also looked at the reasoning behind size and orgasm frequency in women including “greater sexual responsiveness in deep vaginal and cervical areas”.  It was revealed, that the women who experienced this deep vaginal stimulation, desired penile-vaginal intercourse more often, and led to a greater bonding with her partner as opposed to only outer clitoral stimulation.

A woman’s “sexual arousability of the deep vagina” was more often the cause of frequent vaginal orgasms, thereby conclusive with the preferred length of a man’s penis. The study suggests that women who achieve orgasm with a particular man are generally pleased with their choice in a mate.  The research of “multiple studies found [that] intimate relationship quality and satisfaction [was] associated with vaginal orgasm.” Therefore, it is evident with regards to the studied participants, that women choose mates on a conscious and subconscious level, that they believe will be capable of fulfilling this inherent need to achieve an orgasm during penile-vaginal intercourse

This explains why “women who are more likely to have vaginal orgasm have a preference for a longer penis […] that might more effectively provide deep vaginal and cervical stimulation, and thus stimulate additional nerves to those stimulated by middle or shallow vaginal stimulation”.  This also alludes to “an evolutionary understanding of vaginal orgasm also being an indicator of quality of the male partner” one that suggests that orgasm is tied to the innate reproductive desires.  Since “penis length appears to be related to prenatal and postnatal testosterone influences.”

Therefore the study adds credibility to the “evidence for vaginal and clitoral orgasms having different physiological and psychological aspects [and] functions.”  It aims to provide women with a greater understanding of the vagina’s capacity for orgasm, of both clitoral and deep vaginal/cervical areas.

This study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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