Study: Do Women Only Perform Oral Sex to Keep Their Men Faithful?

A study was conducted at Oakland University (Department of Psychology), to establish whether or not there was evidence that women only perform oral sex on their male partner as a means of keeping him from straying.   The study estimates that “at least 50% of men have committed infidelity at least once in their life-time”, and that women who have discovered infidelity in their relationship may be subjected to “physical and psychological problems” as a result.   Many of these problems threaten a woman’s self-esteem and contentment within her relationship, since her sense of security may be shattered. Women in these circumstances may suffer from “major depression, anxiety, and relationship dissatisfaction”.  Therefore, the idea of losing a partner can potentially damage her very own wellbeing in and out of the relationship.

The study, which was published earlier this year, examined the correlation (if any) between a woman’s fears of losing her man to another woman, and her self-induced obligated to keep her man satisfied.   Oral sex, is one of these “male retention” techniques as outlined in this study that is may be a task that women perform compulsively as more of an obligation than a desire.  This study examined a woman’s belief that she may be able to hold on to her man if she keeps him sexually satisfied and “reduce the risk of infidelity”, especially by performing fellatio (whether or not she actually enjoys the act).

Study: Do Women Only Perform Oral Sex to Keep Their Man Faithful?

Interestingly, it was men who tended to use oral sex as a retention behavior.  They also enjoyed performing the act.

It is documented in this study, that “men’s (but not women’s) relationship satisfaction was […] correlated with their actual frequency of experiencing oral sex”, and therefore it is understandable for a woman to confer that she can keep her man faithful as long as she regularly performs fellatio.  410 women participated in the study from Germany and the United States, all of them were in intimate, committed, heterosexual relationships.  The study concluded that the women who declared that they enjoyed performing oral sex on their partner, as well as those who spent a greater amount of time performing the act also affirmed “more frequent use of Emotional Manipulation, Signs of Love and Caring, Verbal Signals of Possession, and Physical Signals of Possession”.

Interestingly, it was discovered that “women’s overall mate retention behaviors were not correlated with their interest in, or time spent, performing fellatio on their partner”.  It was documented that both gender groups performed oral sex as “benefit-provisioning” techniques and not solely mate retention behavior.  Both groups are said to do so, in order to “increase their partner’s relationship satisfaction”.   Even more astonishing, was that men (more so than women) displayed more of these male retention behaviors when it came to their female partners.  The study stated that even though both sexes “perform oral sex to provision their partner with benefits, men (more than women) are especially likely to perform oral sex as a benefit-provisioning mate retention behavior”.   These same men also affirmed enjoyment in performing oral sex for longer periods of time.

The conclusive evidence concurs that women “express their love and care for their partner by performing fellatio on him” as a means of keeping her loved one satisfied, as opposed to mainly doing it as a tactic to keep him faithful.   Whereas men are said to be more likely to attempt to “keep a partner faithful” by performing oral sex on her.  While these results are unexpected, they also prove that both men and women are most likely to provide oral sex as a means of keeping their partners happy within a committed, intimate relationship.

This study was conducted in the journal of Personality and Individual Differences 73 (2015) 61–66.

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