Pill Taken During Sex 90% Effective Against HIV

After an almost interminable uphill battle against HIV/AIDS, the scientific community seems to be finally turning the corner in combating the deadly virus.

Pill Taken During Sex 90% Effective Against HIVPre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, a drug that can reduce the Risk of HIV by up to 90%, is even more effective if taken during sex.

A French trial of PrEP found that taking a pill at the time of sex resulted in what researchers called “a very significant reduction” in the risk of HIV infection in men.

Before the French-Canadian ANRS Ipergay sudy, PrEP was shown to be effective (though less so) taken daily, up to 12 hours before or immediately after sex.

The implication; PrEP can be taken “on demand” rather than daily which would significantly reduce potential health costs.

Yusef Azad, director of policy and campaigns at the National AIDS Trust, said that the results of the trial, conducted by ANRS, was “another exciting piece of news” that add to a “growing and powerful evidence base on the effectiveness of PrEP”.

Professor Jean-Michel Molina, Principal Investigato noted, “condoms remain the cornerstone of HIV prevention. Combining all prevention tools that have proved to be effective will certainly allow us to better control the HIV epidemic.”

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