5 Real Reasons She Doesn't Want To Have Sex With You

It is a bitter pill for men to swallow, realizing the woman they adore does not want to have sex with them. Oh, the things that go through a man’s head. The feelings of rejection, especially if it happens often. But you can relax, men. What you are taking so personally may not be about you at all. In fact, the real reason she does not want sex is likely to be one of the following. And even if it is not, it is still okay, because there truly is another legitimate (to her) reason she does not want to have sex. You will be better off in the long run to just accept what she says as truth.

Birth Control

It does not seem quite fair, but that little pill designed to keep a woman from becoming pregnant also has the potential to dampen her desire to be intimate. You see, birth control pills are designed to control hormones and one of the hormones they control, free testosterone, is also responsible for libido levels. Another hormone that birth control pills regulate is estrogen. Near the middle of a woman’s reproductive cycle, estrogen levels peak, resulting in a boost in sexual desire, but birth control may be limiting the amount of estrogen released. If this is the case, the doctor that prescribed the pills may be able to recommend an alternative method of birth control.


Stress lessens the desire for many things, including sex. It is hard to get into the moment when other things are on the mind. Not to mention, stress does a number on the body as well. Tense muscles make it hard to relax enough to enjoy the intimacy. Women tend need to deal with the stress before feeling up to any kind of sexual activity.

Pain or Discomfort

Just the thought of pain or discomfort is enough to turn a woman off, especially if she knows pain will be inevitable. There is likely a medical reason for the problem, but whatever the reason, when she is expecting it not to feel good, she is not going to want to find out. If the pain or discomfort persists, a visit to the doctor’s office might be needed to determine the cause.


When a woman is most aroused, her body provides plenty of lubrication. When she feels too dry, it can quickly kill any desire to be intimate for a number of reasons, one being that it tends to be uncomfortable. In many cases, though, the dryness is a result of medications. Or she may just be at a dryer point within her natural cycle.

Not in the Mood

The words ‘I’m not in the mood’ may not be an excuse. For many women, many times, they actually ring true. Stress, discomfort, illness, sadness, depression and all kinds of other factors may be taking their toll on her libido. If she is not feeling beautiful or sexy or if she is not happy, she is probably not going to be in the mood for romance. Either find a way to make her feel hot or pick a better time to make your move.

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