7 Reasons Why Being On Top Is Better

7 Reasons Why Being On Top Is Better

Traditionally, men are always on top when having sex – in the “missionary position” – which makes many women reluctant to switch roles. Maybe you’ve never tried it. Maybe you have, but it didn’t feel right. Maybe it’s time you discovered seven reasons why being on top is better!

The Benefits of Being On Top

1. Control

Despite the last few decades of hard-earned equality, we still live in a patriarchal society. Men hold the reins, whether it’s in politics, business, or the bedroom. They control everything – even sex!

It’s time for a change: get on top, and take control. You don’t have to pin your man’s arms to the bed (though that can add a bit of extra titillation), but you can at least control the rhythm. Build slowly, go at your own pace, and drive him wild with passion, before you allow him any kind of release.

2. You Reach orgasm faster

They say men can be turned on like a light bulb (and burn out just as quickly), while women are like an oven: turn us on and the heat builds slowly, but achieves scorching hot levels! Unfortunately, some men don’t last long enough in bed, so they continuously leave you unsatisfied after sex, either through selfishness, out of inexperience, or because of a biological disorder.

When you’re on top, you’ll find it a lot easier to reach a satisfying orgasm. You can control the rhythm to better suit your needs, without reducing his pleasure. Plus, your man’s penis naturally goes deeper in this position, which means there’s a better chance of it finding your G-spot, and kicking off a chain reaction worthy of a nuclear power station!

3. You get to see your man’s body

Although it’s thankfully rarer these days, there are still men who expect a woman to “lie back and think of England”. They have sex in the dark, they don’t move until you’re lying there with your legs splayed like Sunday’s roast chicken, and then they surreptitiously undress and sneak up on you. The first you know about it, there’s a great big penis sticking in you – no foreplay, nothing.

Isn’t it about time you got to see your man’s body? You’re with him because you find him attractive, so it’s not like he has anything to be ashamed of. And even if he does feel nervous, you can spend plenty of time exploring his body to show him just how much you enjoy every single inch of it. He might even learn something about the pleasures of foreplay; plus you’ll know it’s actually him inside you, not just a sex toy!

4. You get to see his face

Anonymous sex in the dark can be exciting, but there’s really nothing to compare with seeing your man’s face while you’re riding him. The excitement, the pleasure, the tension, the passion, the anticipation… and the final climax. If you’ve never watched your man’s face when he orgasms, do it. It’s a sight you’ll want to see again and again. Just remember not to laugh if he happens to make a funny face!

5. You’re sexier when you’re upright

Men spend most of their adult lives ogling women, everywhere they go. But very few of those women are lying down, with their limbs splayed all over the place. At least, they’d better not be!

Nature made it so that you are naturally sexier when you’re vertical. Your face is more visible, your hair hangs naturally, your breasts lie seductively within his reach, the curve of your shoulders is enticing, your waist leads sinuously down to your hips, and that little dip inside your clavicle just begs for him to drip some honey in it, so he can lick it out!

6. Relief from pain

Sex in the missionary position can be painful for some women. It puts a lot of pressure on your back and hips, especially if your man is less than sensitive to your needs. All that selfish pounding can leave you feeling like a wrung-out towel: hot, wet, and screwed up!

Getting on top adds the benefit of putting pressure on his back and hips instead of yours. If he’s a little weak in those areas, you can take your weight on your knees quite easily – much easier than it is for him to take the weight when he’s on top. Show him you care about his poor, chafed elbows!

7. It’s fun!

You don’t have to dress up as a cowgirl, but riding a bucking bronco in your own bed can be great fun. Whether you enjoy it as a change, as a way to improve your own pleasure, or just because you feel like it, being on top can spark a big change in your sex life. Go on, girl – get on top!

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