Study: Sex Education Should Start At 10 Years Old

Sex education has been a rather controversial topic these days, and I doubt that this study will abate the argumant.  Sex and sexual reproduction, which over 98% of humans will enjoy at some point, seems to always trump images of physical violence as a top concern for parents.

Researchers at Georgetown University suggest that sexual education should start at age 10. According to the study, sex education at this age would help prevent unintended pregnancies, STIs, unsafe abortions and maternal deaths.

The research stresses that the importance of sex education for adolescents aged 10-14 years old as this age group is particularly vulnerable to these dangers.

“If programs…are implemented at a time when adolescents are still malleable and relatively free of sexual and reproductive health problems and gender role biases, very young adolescents can be guided safely through this life stage, supported by their parents, families and communities,” the study’s authors wrote.

Simply put, sex education will enable this age group to navigate the multitude of sexual issues that arise as they undergo puberty.

“Since early adolescence marks a critical transition between childhood and older adolescence and adulthood…targeted investment in VYAs [very young adolescents] is imperative to lay foundations for healthy future relationships and positive SRH [sexual and reproductive health],” the study says.

[Campus Reform]

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