5 Things Women Wish Men Knew Between the Sheets

5 Things Women Wish Men Knew Between the Sheets

For the level of obsession people seem to have about sex, few are actually into discussing it. Some may think that analyzing sex can kill the magic, but nothing could be further from the truth. Frank and forward discussion can help a man perform better in bed, simply because he knows more.

1. They Shouldn’t Take Too Long to Orgasm

Big surprise, porn has been twisting expectations since the first caveman giggled at a dirty carving on a cave wall. Many men around the world think that sex is a marathon and that they’re supposed to last all night and keep the party up every day. The truth of the matter is that women also have a refractory period, just not an obvious one. It varies from woman to woman, but generally ten orgasms is too much for them. After the tenth, they’re spent and ready to rest.

However, that doesn’t mean that the guy should be in a rush. He should still hold off on his orgasm until the woman has had two or three. Men who have long-term partners should discuss this topic. If she’s not sure what her orgasm limit is, good news – you’re going to have fun finding out.

 2. Men Shouldn’t Thank Them for Sex

Thanking her for sex is a great way to make her feel like a prostitute, so don’t do that – unless she’s into that or you’re roleplaying, in which case carry on. Otherwise, stay away from “thank you” and stick with complements. Let her know that her blow job was great. Tell her how nice it felt.

Another way of showing your appreciation? Reciprocation.

3. Nipples Aren’t the Only Thing on Breasts They Should Pay Attention To

Nipples have this magical quality to them in that they’re the line between nudity and just showing off your breasts. This magical quality extends to how men treat breasts, as they tend to focus on it entirely and miss out on giving attention to everything wonderful around it. The entirety of the breast counts as an erogenous zone, so men should give it attention.

The nipple is the most sensitive part of the breast, so you can use the rest of the breast as foreplay. Start from the outside. Work it with your fingers or tongue. Circle the breast until she’s begging you to give it a lick. Make them anticipate and want it.

4. Men Should Trim Their Pubic Hair

Men who enjoy receiving oral sex should take the time to trim the forest. It’ll give your lady more room to work with, which will result in greater pleasure for you and for her. Trimming your pubic patch gives her more access to more of your fun parts, like your testicles.

You don’t need to shave or wax it, though that is certainly an option. Half an inch in length is often more than enough. Since this does have an aesthetic component, consult with your partner. If they like your pubic hair long, keep it that way. If they don’t seem to have an opinion either way, trim it and see if their opinion changes. It’ll grow back anyway.

 5. Keep it Wet

It should go without saying that whatever touches her vagina should be wet or moist. There are no exceptions. Your fingers, sex toys, and penis should have some form of lubrication before they make contact with her fun parts. Even if your partner is visibly aroused, it is entirely possible that she has problems lubricating, depending on her age, or that her entrance isn’t wet yet.

Apply saliva (hers or yours, dealer’s choice) to her entrance, to your toys, and to anything that will make contact. Any discomfort can ruin her mood, which can undermine all the effort you may have put into getting her into the right frame of mind. Begin first contact well and you will be rewarded.

If you’re a man, take this advice to heart. Be a better and more thoughtful lover. If you’re a woman, tell your man to read this. Don’t stop here though. Talk to your partner and let them know your preferences. They probably can’t read your mind and they won’t know precisely what you want unless you tell them.

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