Orgasmatronics Creates The Ultimate Strap On Sex Toy

Strap on dildos are some of the oldest type of “wearable technology” for women. According to I09, the venerable sex toy is about to get a high tech makeover.

With a standard strap-on, pleasure is a one sided affair. A company called Orgasmatronics has remedied this shortcoming by developing a new electronic dildo called the Ambrosia Vibe.

The dildo, made with body safe silicon, has a number of sensors attached to vibrators strategically placed at the base, which rests against the clitoris. The Ambrosia Vibe can be stimulated like a real penis. It can be stroked, squeezed, sucked, licked, and most importantly, stimulated through sexual intercourse. The sensors activate the vibrator at the base, pleasuring the woman wearing it.

The beauty of the technology is that the vibrator delivers the same sort of stimulation as is being applied to the dildo. A short squeeze and release delivers a short, soft pulse. A rhythmic motion will deliver a continuous vibration with the strength depending on the strength of the motion.

Modern science has developed a variety of bionic appendages, from legs that allow amputees to walk to hands that allow people to grasp almost as well as the real thing. It was only a matter of time before someone developed a bionic penis that will broaden the experiences that women can have in sexual play.

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