Pool Raft Sex Leads to Arrest, Again

Pool Raft Sex Leads to Arrest, Again

Edwin Tobergta, 35, is in the news for having sex. While sex is not typically an arrestable offense it is when you do it in public. It is also a problem when your partner is a pink, inflatable pool raft; even more so when an inflatable pool raft seems to be the partner of choice for your repeated attempts at a public sexual encounter.

In 2011 Tobergta was charged with indecent exposure and sentenced to eleven months in jail. He was discovered in his neighbor’s back alley attempting to begin his romantic encounter with their pink rubber pool raft.

He repeated his crime again in 2013 with the exact same pool raft which, for reasons that defy all explanation, had not been promptly discarded after nearly becoming Tobergta’s object of affection.

He was arrested again just days ago for attempting to get some inflatable lovins in Hamilton, Ohio though no one is sure if he was reunited with his old flame, the pink pool raft. Witnesses claim he was on the side of a state highway having ‘simulated sex.’ The police report states that he was naked and in full view of passing traffic. Tobergta had been released on May 17th from his 11 month sentence from his previous encounters of the rubber raft kind. Upon his arrest he put his clothes back on, including a shirt that read “I’m out of my mind. Please leave a message.”

However these pool toys did not steal his blow-up object virginity. In 2002 Tobergta was arrested for taking up company with an air-filled pumpkin decoration.

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