George Clooney or Leonardo DiCaprio – Who Enjoys Sex More?

George Clooney or Leonardo DiCaprio: Who Enjoys Sex More?

We all know George Clooney as the quintessential handsome older man.  With his grey hair that he has never bothered to hide and those laugh lines which make him look more rakish than old, there’s no doubt that George Clooney, even at 53, has what it takes to attract women of any age.  In comparison, Leonardo DiCaprio, at 39, has a much younger look.  Despite the facial hair and the buff body which he currently sports, there’s something inherently young-looking about this actor.

You might expect that DiCaprio, being younger than Clooney, is probably enjoying sex more.  Although we can’t actually comment on DiCaprio and Clooney’s sex life, research shows that men in their 50s actually enjoy sex more than men in their 30s.  This research was conducted in Norway and published in BJU International.

1185 men were questioned about various aspects of their sex lives, from the ability to sustain an erection to the ability to ejaculate.  On a scale of zero to four, it was found that men in their 20s felt that their sexual satisfaction with all these aspects was at 2.79.  Men in their 50s came a close second, at 2.77.  Men in their 40s were not too far behind, at 2.72 while men in their 30s came in last, at 2.55.

Although it seems as though the ability to perform sexually does decline with age, including the ability to have an erection and to ejaculate, satisfaction with one’s sex life takes a more circuitous route, being high in the 20s, dipping in the 30s and moving up again in the 40s and 50s.

It’s possible that the dip in the 30s occurs because of work and family pressure.  In their 20s, people are still getting settled in their careers and their personal lives.  In their 30s, they start to feel the pressure to succeed at work and they might also start families, both of which can be extremely stressful.  By the time they’re in their 50s, they’ve achieved what they wanted to achieve and their children are also grown.  So they’re able to take things more lightly.

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