Female Researcher Admits To Having Sex With A Dolphin In 1963

Female Researcher Admits To Having Sex With A Dolphin In 1963

Stories of dolphins having sexual encounters were humans, especially female trainers or swimmers, have abounded for quite some time. A recent story in the New York Daily News gives an account of a NASA experiment in 1963 that attempted to teach dolphins to communicate with humans that took a bizarre turn.

A dolphin named Peter apparently developed a sexual attraction to his trainer, Margaret Howe Lovatt, and had begun to rub himself against various parts of her body. At first when Peter demonstrated instances of sexual desire toward Lovatt, he would be transferred into another tank where two female dolphins resided so that he could take care of business.

However Peter’s behavior became so erratic that Lovatt decided to take matters into her own hands, as it were, and manually gratify him when he had the urge. In this way Peter’s urges could be satisfied and then the serious business of the NASA experiment could proceed without distractions.

Scientists theorize that dolphins are sometimes attracted to human females because they exude similar pheromones as dolphin females. While Lovatt did not feel any sexual attraction to dolphins, there are a number of people who describe themselves as “dolphinphiles” who claim to find sexual play with them gratifying.

Dolphin sex carries with it certain dangers. Contrary to the stereotype of dolphins being playful, friendly beings, male dolphins often engage in rough sex with females, sometimes ganging up on and raping them for sometimes weeks at a time. Therefore one should think very hard about having interspecies sex with a dolphin.

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