Nearly Half of U.S. Women Own Sex Toys

Nearly Half of U.S. Women Own Sex Toys

How popular are sex toys?

According to a survey conducted by Adam and Eve, pretty damn popular.

Adam and Eve surveyed over 1,000 adults, and inquired about the number of sex toys they owned.

  • Over 41 Percent of women surveyed reported that they owned at least one sex toy, with over 4 percent admitting to owning sic or more.
  • Over 31 percent of men surveyed responded to having at least one sex toy, with over 4 percent stating to own three or more.

The size of ownership shouldn’t really come as a surprise.  Thanks to the Internet in general, and online shopping in particular, people can enjoy all the advantages of owning a sex toy with none of the disadvantages.

“People no longer have to drive to the porn store and make a face-to-face purchase,” said Stefan Dallakian, the owner of Paris Intimates – an online sex toy distributor. “Online ordering with discreet shipping saves you the embarrassment of exposing your kinks to strangers, and there’s absolutely zero risk of running into somebody you know while shopping.”

Indulging in the pleasure your sexual proclivities in relative anonymity may explain why the sexy toy market rakes in approximately 15 Billion dollars in revenues each year.

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