The 'Girls' sex scene that was censored by HBO

The 'Girls' sex scene that was censored by HBO

Girls, the HBO series produced by and starring Lena Dunham, depicts the misadventures of a group of young women living in New York. It has become known for some of its frank depictions of sexuality, especially concerning Dunham’s character, the neurotic and self-absorbed Hannah. Think of it as Sex and the City for depressed, cash strapped millennials.

However, according to the show’s executive producer Judd Apatow, HBO was obliged to cut out a hard core sex scene that was evidentially too explicit even for pay cable TV. This is remarkable as Girls has seen some offbeat and even kinky sex scenarios, usually involving Hannah and her creepy on again off again boyfriend Adam. Pay cable in general has been practically a free fire zone, as it were, for raw sexuality. Think about the incest scenes in Game of Thronesand the vampire sex in True Blood.

Apatow was somewhat coy about what the nature of the scene was when he broke this news to a group of university students in Los Angeles. It was apparently something that is regularly seen in hard core porn videos and concerns the “high points” of sexual intercourse. Whatever it was, and one wonders if it will ever show up in a deleted scenes collection on blu-ray, it had to be pretty raw.

Apatow also ruminated about the use of nudity in his past work. It seems that audiences will not tolerate too much nudity for too long a period of time. He suggested that about five seconds of consecutive nudity is about the limit that people will tolerate before leaving the theater.

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